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Casing Spacers, WrapidSeal 
Offering decades of experience and dedication to the piping industry, CCI Pipeline Systems has proven itself time and again with innovative solutions, creative ideas and a firm commitment to our customers.
Quality Valves for Municipal and Industrial Applications 
Providing products and services to exceed the needs of our customers.  
Pneumatic / Mechanical Plugs, Guages, Testing Equipment
Best in the Business
Pinch and check valves 
Solving the most demanding flow control applications;  this has been the driving force behind Red Valve since 1953. 
Manhole Lids, Mud Valves, Indicators, Miter Gears 
Specialize in unique and customized accessories for the valve market.  
AbTech Industries
20 years of innovative products for complex water treatment challenges. The leaders of storm water purification.
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